A simple solution to reduce shipping costs for shipping costs, courier and packages for small and medium-sized companies

A simple solution to reduce shipping costs for shipping costs, courier and packages for small and medium-sized companies

Im simply surprised that there are no more of this today with companies. I guess you can compare what Im going to say to car sharing, a perfectly feasible idea that guaranteed to reduce pollution and save money by sharing fuel costs with colleagues. Why is it still Range Rovers and carriers who buzz with just one lonely thing at the wheel? People just can not care about hassle, time and trouble is the obvious answer. I know I would not want to wait outside a house while the passenger made you late at work by wearing a ladder in tights or if they could not find their wallet!

Lets get back to the articles point and apply the strategy for sharing cars to business and couriers. It is generally known that all companies that make their daily bread by distributing and selling a physical product are likely to need a bid. It is also generally known that courier and freight accounts are usually the second or third largest cost of any company (employee pay usually meets the top spot if you want to know). Finally, we all know that the larger the volume of packages and pallets you send with your courier, the less they will charge you.

So, if we apply the same strategy by consolidating your package traffic with other business owners in the same industrial area or business park, I guarantee that you will be able to negotiate faster prices from the courier than if you were divided. Good in theory, but as the car shares the idea, its inconvenient, takes longer to move the packages to someone elses warehouse and who will spend the time by sorting out all invoices to make sure everyone pays for what theyve sent?

In step Parcel Broker to solve all the inconveniences

So what exactly does a parcel broker do?

In a nutshell, a packet or pallet broker is a web-based logistics consolidator that allows all business of all sizes to directly book a collection and deliver online with a globally recognized courier with up to 65% off their prices.

Why do companies need this service?

It solves an old age of chicken and egg problems for small and medium-sized companies and especially newly-started companies. Smaller companies are struggling to enter the market together with established competitors. This is usually not because their competitor can buy or make the product a little cheaper, but because they can distribute it to less, which makes their product sales and / or shipping costs cheaper. A parcel broker earns on the game plans for the smaller companies so that they can grow into bigger companies faster, which means they can then choose to fly coop and search their own discounts directly with the couriers or stick to brokers and continue to reap the additional benefits they can offer their customers.

Other than saving companies money on their freight, what other benefits do it with a broker offer?

Some brokers allocate a dedicated account manager to each registered company, which will address any questions every day. There are no major call centers like larger couriers and these smaller brokers can build reports with the customer to fully understand their needs. All leg work will be carried out by the account manager. Its like having an external logistics controller but free!

A new survey showed that over 89% of all UK companies used more than one courier to meet their needs. The entire delivery process is simplified with a broker, a point of contact, an online booking engine and tools, a tracking interface for all carriers, an invoice for many services. This means more time for companies to focus on important issues rather than chasing a paper track and training staff on multiple systems.

Brokers usually use the best packages and pallets the world has to offer. This is because fewer things go wrong, the easier it becomes the broker job package. Customers can use a website to compare quotes and then book an operator that suits their budget, timeframe and product.

Some package brokers can integrate the delivery process by using a set of APIs that increase productivity and ensure order integrity for e-commerce based companies.

So to end, are there any real disadvantages of using a specialist business broker for your shipping needs? If the prices are cheaper and the courier service is the same with the added benefits of a dedicated account manager, I can not think of any reasons, so lets hope that a broker can come up with a solution to make the car share a more attractive option for the future. !

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