Package Delivery - Booking a Courier Service

Package Delivery - Booking a Courier Service

Online shopping increases and retailers ship more of their products to customers with bids. The number of courier companies and the services offered increases correspondingly. When faced with such a wide and varied range of options, it is no wonder that dealers are not sure how to choose a courier, how to best get access to their service and what makes a company stand out from another.

Where is your priority?

The first question to answer - Should the service be best for the customer or best for the retailer? You can think that a courier offering a redelivery or late delivery service is perfect for your customers. But you can choose a more cost-effective service, with less flexibility in delivery service.

Second level considerations

The time it takes for your package to reach its destination, if the insurance is included, packaging constraints and reliability are all as secondary considerations. A courier that offers a particularly good level of service in any of these is likely to win your business. Failure to participate in these important aspects and you are more likely to move to another provider. Peripheral issues like problem solving and managing problems can be a crucial selection and storage factor. Apparently, this aspect of a service will only occur when you start using a business, but it has the ability to acidify your relationship, even if all other aspects are present. Adding value is the next consideration. If all courier companies provide a similar service level, for about the same cost, with decent service levels, how does a reseller choose between them? Having thrown out the expensive ones, those who provide poor service and the unreliable courier companies you can still face with a number of options.

Third parties

Third party booking companies negotiate with national and international courier companies and sell their services, often at a lower price than the bidders offer. Third party retailers take care of all aspects of customer service, handle losses and handle insurance claims. This gives a good business interest for the courier and the retailer can access excellent low cost bidding services. Most reasonable third-party companies offer a wide range of services across the various bidding ends - resolving a dilemma for the reseller - choosing the most cost-effective service for a particular delivery. A third party company would offer you this choice and make sure you have the opportunity to avail the best deal on the market.

Access to the service

All reputable courier companies and third party suppliers have online booking systems. Customer information, collection and delivery addresses, weight, dimensions, content and value are all common requirements when booking. On the other hand, differentiation between suppliers can be clearly seen at the level of sophistication, ease of use and reliability of the booking tool. For the busy reseller this may be an important factor in choosing a particular company and remaining loyal. There is a well-known look for most third party bidding systems.

Raises the bar

Getting the advantage in a competitive area is a challenge for third party suppliers. Competitive against price has limits and the market is filled with companies that have failed themselves and their customers by competing on price insofar as they have gone bankrupt. Third party companies have limited influence on operational services at the time of delivery. This is in the craft of the courier company. This leaves the booking process and customer service as main areas where a third-party company may differ from others, attract and retain your business.

Automatic download

A booking system that downloads all the packages weight and dimensions, content and value, with the ability to make it for multiple orders, all at a click and a fraction of a second, is a significant improvement in booking tool functionality. The time saved from cutting, pasting or writing this detail can be significant. With the tool linked to multiple platforms simultaneously - eBay, Channel Advisor, ZenCart, OsCommerce and a simple CSV file, so all courier services managed within an account are real bonuses. Once the orders have been downloaded, the dealer presents a range of courier services based on the standard price, but also including guaranteed delivery or unexpected package delivery, all based on the actual package details, resolves another reseller dilemma.

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